Points of sale and partners

FamilyCrops - Business Office


As an importer and seller of food products, FamilyCrops operates its Quebec business mainly from its head office in Quebec and a pied-à-terre in Vietnam. Its main office is also a sales point for picking up imported products.  FamilyCrops has now its online store.  Products are also distributed in many points of sales. 

For the end of a business meeting and / or pick-up, current and potential customers are invited to make a telephone appointment at 514 316-6753 or by email info@familycrops.com .

Seasonal kiosks 2021 in public markets

FamilyCrops is present in several markets and in some special events.  Check our website regularly for an up-to-date list.

 Markets and others events

Écluse No. 10, the gourmet stopover - St-Ours

945 ch. des Patriotes, Saint-Ours, Quebec J0G 1P0 (450) 402-1144

 Specialty coffees, gourmet sandwiches, homemade food, frozen delights, microbrewery  beers, private import wines, patio and more. Our smiling and dynamic staff welcomes  you for your lunches, dinners or for an evening. Accessible also by boat by the Richelieu  River, we are located opposite the Canal-de-Saint-Ours Parks Canada. 

 Website WilTor Café         Écluse No. 10

Johanne & Esthel Fruits and Vegetables - La Prairie 

Marché des Jardiniers, 1200 Chemin St-Jean, Laprairie

 At Johanne & Esthel Fruits and Vegetables you will find a wide variety of  annual flowers as well as a free custom potting service.

 There is also the Johanne market full of fruits and vegetables including  the famous cashew nuts of Vietnam.  In addition, at Mr. Tomato you can choose from 250 varieties of different  tomato plants, ready to be planted. Come and meet Johanne Robert and François Martel.

Johanne & Esthel Fruits and Vegetables + Mr. Tomato 

Épices & Tout - Longueuil

 97 rue Saint-Charles Ouest, Longueuil,  450 332-5008 

A delicatessen specializing in products imported from Europe, fine artisanal foods from Quebec with small production batches and balanced and nutritious ready-to-eat meals.

L'Échoppe des fromages - Saint-Lambert

For more than 25 years, L'Échoppe des Fromages has been promoting small farmhouse
cheeses made from raw milk, at its counter, in its restaurant, in its cheese-wine tastings,  and on its distribution network serving the reputable tables. A worthy  representative of t he refining cheese business, L'Échoppe is passionate about the  authenticity and typicity offered by the artisans of our food heritage.

The Fromentier - Montreal

The Fromentier is a homemade bakery since 1993. The company offers organic and artisanal products as well as fine groceries. Breads, Viennese, deli meats and cheeses are served at the counter or delivered at home and to merchant Partners (bistros, cafes, restaurants and caterers). Enjoy the benefits of tasty and organic products!

L'arrivage Producteurs d'ici  -  Saint-Bruno

Several product categories. An online ordering system with pick-up at L’arrivage, producers from here, 1551 rue  Montarville, Saint-Bruno, J3V 3T8. 

Rucher Boltonnois - Bolton

An instructions page explains in detail how the Market works.
22 chemin Lacasse
Bolton-Est (QC) J0E 1G0

(438) 837-0560

Les délices du Verger - Saint-Hubert

 2052, boulevard Édouard, Saint-Hubert    (514) 568-8418 
Grocery store specializing in the processing of olives and condiments. Marinades without any chemicals and reduced salt products.  The opening hours are indicated on the Facebook page. Their products are also sold online.

Bar à Savon - Beloeil

310 Sir-Wilfrid-Laurier, Belœil    J3G 4G7  (450) 339-3888
Zero Waste Boutique offering a wide variety of bulk products. You will also find handmade soaps and can attend our workshops! antibacterial gel, soap, shampoo, detergent, kombucha. The company has just introduced a food component in its selected products. She sells in a store a cashew sachet format as well as on the Internet sachets of 125 gr of black pepper from Vietnam and jackfruit chips in a bag of 75 gr.

Marché Divers - Sutton

35 rue Principale, Sutton  

Starting November 7, the market is open every Saturday during the winter season! The Sutton Diverse Market offers a wide variety of artisanal and food products.

Facebook Marché Divers de Sutton

Beigne La Bonne Humeur - Montréal et St-Pie

La Fabrique 3257 Beaubien Est, Montréal  H1X 1G4   

The company was founded in April 1995, and is the result of the vision of its current owner, Jean-François Fraser. The chocolate factory of Vieux-Beloeil has the constant concern to increase and improve its range of products in store. Everything is done to create new concepts and especially to offer incomparable products that will be the envy of true lovers of chocolate and homemade caramel. There is a corner restaurant for lunches between 8:00 and 14:00 and dinners between 11:30 and 14:00.
An interesting stop near the Richelieu in the historical, cultural and restoration part of Vieux-Beloeil.

Charcuterie La Grande Europe - Boucherville

Greater Europe offers a variety of local products, imported products as well as small artisanal pieces. La Grande Europe caters to all needs for an impromptu dinner, for an intimate tête-à-tête, or even for a warm family reunion. A visit here to La Grande Europe is never forgotten, what is offered and what is prepared for it cannot be adequately explained, you just have to experience it.

Passions Gourmandes - Sorel

Promenades de Sorel, 450 Boul. Poliquin, Sorel-Tracy, J3P 7R5

Passions Gourmandes is a chocolate and pastry shop that produces small Grourmands pleasures on site. You just have to make a small detour to discover the magnificent store of local products.


Facebook Passions Gourmandes

Café Impérial Microtorréfacteur - Montréal

3240 rue Rachel Est,  Montréal, H1W 1A4   (438) 387-4455

Café Imperial offers quality coffee and specialty products. Check out the Facebook page for more details. 

Boulangerie Owl's bread - Mansonville

299 Rue Principale, Mansonville   J0E 1X0    (450) 292-3088

Located in the heart of the village of Mansonville, the Owl's Bread bakery is ideally located for buying a sandwich or a panini, or more elaborate prepared meals, bread or the famous pure butter croissants on the way to ski or golf.

Website Boulangerie Olw's bread

Veux-tu une bière? - Montreal

372 rue de Liège Est, Villeray (514) 871-2771
1451 rue St-Zotique Est, Rosemont (514) 871-2661
5105 Boul. St-Laurent, Plateau Mont-Royal (514) 871-2663

Since 2010, Veux-tu une bière? is a small neighborhood grocery store offering several Quebec food products including a wide variety of high quality and cold beers from Quebec microbreweries, as well as a selection of Quebec wines. New releases available every week, including several limited editions.

Website Veux-tu une bière?

Le Garde-Manger de François - Chambly

2403 Av. Bourgogne, Chambly,    (450) 447-9991
1001, boul. Périgny, Chambly,      (450) 447-4731

Happiness at the table! What makes the reputation of the Garde-Manger is the concern to offer customers breads, pastries and dishes of the highest quality. A team of experienced craftsmen make these products from the best ingredients.

Le Garde-Manger de François